Thursday, March 27, 2008

why i do what i do

i make movies. i just hope to one day make them THIS well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

mom jeans

tonight was one of the rare evenings i actually find myself in dc ... and so a friend arranged for a little dinner. trouble was we had to go to the institute linger longer to rally with the rest of our posse. i can't say i was looking forward to this part, but i pulled on my skinny oh so trendy jeans -- to fit in with the younger crowd at the 'tute. and i left the house feeling a little self-satisfied with my awesome hair day. my dome has tended towards big and fuzzy since i grew out my hair but tonight it went curly, like i like it best. (not brushing it is the key, people).

so i'm sitting on the stage at the linger longer, chatting with my buddy ben when a mentally handicapped brother comes up to us. edmund is happy and chatty and offers up a couple of hugs, and then begins to dispense the pure unrestrained honesty that only spurts forth from the very guileless and very childlike. oh, the pain of complete and undefiled honesty! edmund tells ben he looks like he has a desk job and maybe works out once in a blue moon. when ben protested, edmund amended his observation. no -- you look like a traveling salesman, he says. i had a good laugh at that but the laughter dried up when edmund turned that tractor beam of honesty on me. me -- i look like a stay-at-home mom. i didn't want any more of edmund's feedback, but of course ben wanted to know what gave me away. edmund's tip off: my mom hairstyle and (this one leaves a mark) the jeans. my pricey "skinny" uber trendy jeans look like mom jeans! it appears my tastes are getting a little too... mature --you might even say "age appropriate" -- or i need to 1. get a new mirror and 2. donate some denim to good will because as much as i admire the strong, wonderful ladies out there loving their babies and doing their thing day in, day out, "stay-at-home mom" was NOT the look i was going for when i got ready for the evening. oh. the truth does NOT set you free.

for the record, edmund thought i was either 19 or 23. so i guess that's something.