Sunday, January 23, 2011

disobey world

i made a quickie visit to the magic kingdom this weekend, or "disobey world" as one friend called it via his intuitive texting feature. i think disobey world would be a much different kind of theme park, leaving you with scars and diseases... an amsterdam kind of thing. disney world, on the other hand, was 100 percent magical. eliza captured a slim fraction of magic on her phone camera.

press play for a sideways, enchanted window into the happiest place on earth:

Monday, January 17, 2011

and away we go... 2011

but not without a look back.

i believe in new year's resolutions in theory... but apparently not in practice. i have friends who consider, draft and finalize their resolutions, broad sweeping changes for their lives. and i have those who make lengthy lists that read more like to-dos than what i think the spirit of the whole thing is: appraise yourself and look to make yourself a little better every year.

i haven't made real, thoughtful resolutions for years, but i've thought a lot about the way i handle my business and formed three resolutions based on the things in my business-handling i like the least. i am hereby resolved to be a little better by this time next year in the following arenas: (and i'm etching my resolutions in the permanent ink of the internet just to dial up the pressure to keep 'em).

in 2011 i want to
1 - do what i say i'll do.
2 - do things that scare me (like, for instance, make commitments and follow up on them).
3 - look for ways to improve the lives of the people around me. this third one means i have to put down the boxing gloves that were a fixed feature on the landscape of 2010. the people of trader joe's will be relieved, i'm sure.

there are smaller, listy ways i'm getting at these three broad goals... though i need to tweak my methods. i already broke #2 about 4 times this weekend. i bailed on a MLK brunch (without telling the host. he wasn't happy). and i bailed on a ski trip. (again. without informing the host my rsvp was now no from yes). oh gosh. not doing so great on the commitments.


2011 starts today. happy new year.