Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i have a blog?

yes i DO have this special place in the back alley of the internet to record my secret and most brilliantest thoughts. here are three, in random order:

1. nerds rule. i've dabbled in the sciences (for the first time) with my Discovery research gig, and i'm in LOVE with nerds and the whacked out questions they ask -- from the ridiculous to the audacious. it feels like we've hit upon a new renaissance, or am i just now paying attention? did you know nerds are busy right this very second building synthetic life? creating matter? invisibility cloaks? science is creation. it's so optimism... nerds are the real american heroes.

2. why can't i live overseas? pull a thoreau and quit it all...?

3. SUMMER! joyfully! officially! (as of monday night). blessed open season on all of my life favs: humidity, gardens, swimming holes, lightening bugs, watermelon, beach, HOT, tennis, tan, and all things fertile and lovely. thank you, life! summer break please!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

mac computer photo booth

is there anything better in the world?